Over the last 2 months we have been on the road traveling around southern Ontario speaking at various youth groups, drop in centres, and pretty much whoever would lend their ear for a few moments.

What can we say?!

We have loved meeting everyone we have gotten to meet, sometimes in the strangest of places. We have been honoured to get to hear and be a part of your story for a moment, to get to see and feel the hope in your life. We are even more honoured to have met those who have chosen to be open and vulnerable on a deep level with us. We are so, so proud of you, and we believe in you, your stories, and your struggles. We believe in your future and your hope.

For those who don’t know, we were on the road with Canadian speaker and bandana wearing, Mike Gordon, of mike-gordon.ca. He invited us out to his CTRL+ALT+Delete My Heart tour to spread the word of what it is exactly that we are doing. We can’t say thank you enough to Mike for allowing us to join him on the road.

After 30 different dates, the tour wrapped up last Thursday in Burlington, with 60 grade 5-8’s all being told that they are significant and valuable to the world and to themselves. It really was an amazing picture to see.

Here is a picture so you can see.

Mike Speaking in burliington

The message for the tour was all built around the idea of restarting our hearts. It was about getting ourselves back on the track we started on, where we first found our hope, and when our fire for living was burning bright. It was about second chances and grace.

Back in the day, in the land before the internet and major operating systems, computers used to exist on a very low level operating level. This was called the BIOS. The Basic Input/Output System. From this system you could launch some of the first ever programs that were made for computers. As kids, the only thing we would ever want to do was play games like Frogger or Pong. The flaw with the system was that after a length of time the memory would become full and you would need to perform a basic command. The CTRL+Alt+Delete command. This would restart the computer with a clear memory ready to tackle its next challenges of life.

We have noticed that nowadays our iPads and Windows 8 don’t need to be restarted as often, and this is flowing over into our lives. We walk around our schools and with our friends with smiles on our faces. We are hurting on the inside, but we can’t find the courage, or take over our pride enough, to deal with what we are repressing. We so desperately need to restart ourselves, to start over, to clear our conscience and let go of things in our lives that are bringing us down.

Are you repressing things in your life right now? Are you beating down the voice in your head that is telling you to change or not do a particular action?

We encourage you today to reach out and be free from this, to share your struggles and to share your pain with someone you trust.

It could change your world. It could change your life.

Thank you for reading.
Nick Pegg

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Nick Pegg

Director, Speaker, Founder at Hashtag Hope
23 years old, I drink water and breathe air. I need hope. Founder, speaker and director of Hashtag Hope.
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23 years old, I drink water and breathe air. I need hope. Founder, speaker and director of Hashtag Hope.

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