There is a documentary on Netflix about a guy who lives off Craigslist for a month. It’s a very intriguing documentary to watch. A guy literally and physically has nothing but clothes and a internet connection. He posts an ad every day looking for free place to stay or a ride somewhere. Most of the time he looks for ‘free events’ to attend in hopes to meet someone who will give him a place to stay for the night.

He ends up traveling from California to New York City and back again, meeting some amazing people, doing some amazing things, and never spending a dime.

While sitting on a large leather couch in a basement that was not my own watching the credits of “Craigslist Joe” roll upward into the nothing of the top of the TV, I was overwhelmed with a great motivation to try my luck on the free classified site known only  as ‘Kijiji’.

I quickly started dreaming, and thinking of something I needed. Paying my student loan debt was what I really wanted to post. Another great thought was ‘Need Plane Ticket To Europe, One Way’ as to start a large adventure of back packing across a different country. Knowing non of these would be plausible, I dialed my gears back and started to dream about HashtagHope and its not so distant future.

So I posted this.
Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 1.02.54 PM

We’ve been borrowing cars from anyone we can manage to get in contact with to help drive to HashtagHope events. The biggest contributor has been my father. Loaning us his car for a month long tour of southern ontario with Mike Gordon last spring. But at this point in our life span as a grassroots organization, its time to get a vehicle that can handle our stuff and our people, all without breaking the bank.

A van was the first vehicle I could think of that I would want to travel and basically live out of while away. A 10 passenger van that bands tour in would be perfect. – However those are pricy to keep moving due to size and gas prices. So, I set out after a Volvo 850 Wagon. The perfect Soccer Dad mobile. – It has loads of room for stuff, and can seat up to seven people.

So with motivation from Netflix, I posted an ad looking for that exact vehicle.

The ad went live fairly late at night. After posting I quickly went to sleep. The next morning I woke up to an email reply. Just one, and the only one to this day, and after a few replies I met with a guy named Philip.


Philip Roy is a Children and Young Adults author from the East Coast. He recently moved Southern Ontario in search of a greater market. Philip travels around to different Elementary and Highschools as well as local libraries telling stories. He told me that he believes in the power of his stories and their ability to inspire kids to dream, and if kids are dreaming that means they have hope.

Philip was on Kijiji that very night and stumble across my ad I had posted. He recently purchased a new vehicle for his travels because he felt that the one he had wasn’t as reliable as he would like buy modvigil online. So there he was trying to seek out a buyer for his old car, a Volvo 850. – He found my ad explaining a bit about Hashtaghope and what we plan to use the car for and felt that seeing his car used for something to bring hope in someway would be enough payment for him. Thus leading him to donate his car to HashtagHope.

So now we’ve got this car. But it needs some work done to it to get it passed the safety test needed to make it government road worthy.

We have an extensive traveling schedule booked over the next 3 months along with more on the way and we are looking to jump on the Warped Tour this coming summer. The small Pontiac Sunfire just won’t cut it.

It will cost

650 dollars in parts to get this car going.

It needs:

2 front CV joints (axles)
All 4 rotors.
Front Break Pads, (But never hurts to replace them all)
E-Brake Assembly
Head gasket and ring seals.

We are looking for supporters to help us get this car or another car on the road.

If you would like to donate to the cause we have a donate tab Directly on our website. You could also donate by buying one of these parts for a 1997 Volvo 850 2.2L.

If you have a car that you feel would be better than this one – we are willing to trade or negotiate with you.

Check out the Donate tab here

Thank you for reading and caring for HashtagHope.

Check out the car here!



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