Last night I laid awake thinking about sadness and how it effects our life. Also thinking about National Suicide Prevention Week, which is this week. Thinking about those who I’ve lost to suicide, and lingering on their lives and how things could have been different. I was thinking about people I love in my life who struggle with mental illness everyday of their life, how everyday is a battle for them.

I faded off into sleep thinking about that. Then I had a dream about sadness. Someone was in a room and sadness was this mass that took up the whole room. Then I realized the sadness belonged to that person who was sitting there. It was taking up every inch of space in that room. Someone tried to come in, but the sadness pushed them out. There was only room for that person and their sadness.

Why is there no room?

I think this analogy is exactly what sadness feels like. It is isolating, exhausting, confusing, frustrating and feels endless. Sadness comes in and takes over conversations, ruins coffee dates, isolates in rooms full of people.

Sadness takes up room.

When we try to help those who are struggling with sadness or any kind of mental illness it can feel like a losing battle. It is complicated, intricate and often ongoing.

I know one thing: It is worth it to care, to try and help.

Never stop caring for people who push you away better yet, fight for them. So often we can’t fight for ourselves because we feel as though we are drowning, and we just need to know there is someone who willing to bring us to the surface.

Make it uncomfortable, ask hard question, prepare to hear hard answers, embrace them with love, support them where they are. The honest truth is it’s always easier to pretend things are okay when they aren’t with people we care about. We need people, to remind that life is worth living.

You do not have to be a expert to love someone, you just have to be willing to.


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