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Alive & Hopeful.

To take a breath of fresh air is to be at the peak of living. Heart beating, lungs inhaling. Letting the oxygen energize your blood stream. Empowering dreams. Equipping your soul. Living Hopeful is the the moment you decide to press forward. To exist tomorrow. When your dreams become valuable and when your future becomes…

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Starting To Believe. Drakeford & Lucy-Jayne #HOPEMusic

“Even though, my parents didn’t end up together, I am still meant to be.” – Drakeford This is a beautiful song written by Drakeford, and performed by himself and his wife Lucy-Jayne. A song about overcoming guilt placed on his heart because of his parents divorce. About learning to grow into the purpose that you…

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Right now, is the right now.

Nothing really changes between today and tomorrow, except a few numbers on a page that we call time. Maybe our time for renewal is right now. Maybe our time to start fighting is right now. To get clean, to ask for help, or to say “I’m not ok”. Maybe our moment to turn towards #Hope…

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Free Car.

There is a documentary on Netflix about a guy who lives off Craigslist for a month. It’s a very intriguing documentary to watch. A guy literally and physically has nothing but clothes and a internet connection. He posts an ad every day looking for free place to stay or a ride somewhere. Most of the…

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You Are Not A Wasted Life. (Share This Video)

We hit the streets of Toronto asking a variety of people to send you a message. Know that you were created with a purpose, that your pain and struggles are significant, and that your actions, your values, your words, and your decisions are not a waste. You are significant. you are not a wasted life….


Dear You: You Won’t Be In This Alone.

Dear You. I wish we could be having this conversation over steaming coffee or hot tea, surrounded by dimmed lights and hushed voices. I wish I could reach across the table and take your hand and speak these words out loud to you. If you ask me, things like this are not said aloud nearly…