As I drove home from work I started to reflect, something about the sun and shadows mixed with the cool air, ska and smell from the restaurants made life feel ok for a second.

It got me thinking.

What I realized was that I used to have nights that felt eerily hollow, the questions that would haunt me from as early as 4 or 5, and the world felt so small and the nights felt so hollow. I dreaded it, but now I dread no more. For those of us who look at who we want to be, who strive for something more than who we are today it can be easy to get caught up in all we are still not. Getting lost in the gap that lies before us.

But if your anything like me, then take heart in looking back at who you’ve been and how far you have come.

For all the pain and struggle in this artisan’s journey, I wouldn’t trade any of it for the hollow I’ve endured and dreaded before

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