Fear? At A Time Like This?


Fear at a time like this?

This is the time of support, and of care towards each other.
           This is the time of hope.

All the good neighbour lessons we’ve been taught through our lives are for now.. not when this gets better. Not for when it’s convenient. 

For now.

All the fear management and positivity posts you share, are for now.. well they are for everyday but perfectly for now. 

Let’s breathe -     meters from each other of course. 

Let’s not judge the reactions of others fear. 

Let’s encourage peace amoung us. 

Let’s reassure hope for medical breakthroughs.

Let’s ask how each of us are doing. 


We are all subject to the same virus. 

       This means we are all the same. 

There is no race, or religion, gender, country, or worldview that makes us immune to this sickness.


      WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER         from a distance of course. 


I saw a post about a family not being able to buy baby formula because the stores were sold out. And over 30 people offered to share some of theirs, or see if their local store had any available. 

People with different opinions on politics, coming together to agree that we need bill payment pauses, and grace for those living cheque to cheque. 

I see support for people who make their living from public gathering spaces and events being supported by those who can work from home. 

I see art, oh so much amazing art being shared and created in this time of isolation.

I see people defending those in need. 

I see true shift in basic needs perspective, and selfless acts from stranger to stranger. 

I watched an old lady use her last disinfectant wipe on the handle of a shopping cart before giving it to a mother with two children. 

This season of fear has brought about change within us and we cannot explain why 

Honestly I'm surprised you are still reading this. I've been trying to be as simple as possible. No one is reading past the headlines or simple stats of death rate. Fear is a marketing tool. The resistance to fear is space and grounding. Perfect for where we are right now. Both feet on the floor, ask yourself what are you afraid of and why? And then ask yourself  is that fear true or is it irrational? And after that, no matter the response, self isolate. Flatten the curve for everyone. Lower the risk for everyone. Share toilet paper with everyone.

We will emerge from this together. 

We will see the sun again. 

We will hug.

We will sing.

We will shake hands again. 

But for now, we are apart, for the sake of everyone, we are apart. 

And that is a good thing. 

See you soon. 

- Nick Pegg


There is no them and there is no us 
There is only we 
And we are in all of this together 
When one falls We fall 
When one gets back up 
We get back up 
But when one is outcasted 
We are not we anymore 
We are us and them again 
No one wins If one is losing 
It’s not called love If you’re picking and choosing 
There is no them and there is no us 
There is only we 
And we are in all of this together. #Hope
- npegg

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