Hashtag Hope provides practical tools and stories of hope through spoken word, workshops, motivational speaking, lectures, emceeing, and preaching. If you would like to have Hashtag Hope speak at your high school, youth group, drop-in centre, park, skate park, club, church, or anything in-particular, then please don’t hesitate to contact us below.


Nick Pegg (Founder, Co-Director)

Nick once spent all of his money to live in his car, travel the country, and try to prevent young people from killing themselves. He made t-shirts to help fund his travels and wrote words to try and inspire hope. He will give you a free sticker if you want one, and wants you to know that life is undoubtedly worth living.
Nick specializes in spoken word, motivational speaking, and youth, focusing on music venues & youth groups.

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Mark Stromenberg (Co-Director)

As someone who battles mental illness himself, Mark is passionate about communicating hope and help to the one-fifth of Canadians who will struggle with a mental illness, and to those who have a friend or family member that is hurting. Through his own experiences, training, professional experience, Mark seeks to bring the Light of Hope to those struggling with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts in a way that is holistic and practical.
Mark specializes in motivational speaking, youth, workshops, and suicide intervention instruction (ASIST trainer), focusing on schools, volunteers, & youth groups. For more information, visit Strombomb.com.