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 Yes, you read that correct. select this product and we will send you a completely free pack of Hashtag hope stickers in the mail. Yes free. No cost and you don't even need to pay for shipping. 

There will be 10 of these packs available per week until the end of 2020. 

What stickers do you get? at least 5 random stickers whatever we decide to throw in. 

Once they are sold out they item resets the following week. Be the first of 10 each week to grab a pack. 


A few rules. 

1. You can only order once.

2. If you buy any other product your free sticker pack selection will be cancelled because.. we will send you free stickers with your order anyways. 

3. No tracking. letter mail only 

4. packs will not include the "first edition holographic" limited sticker 

5. If you already have a stash of Hashtag Hope stickers please allow someone else to grab the free pack to spread the joy. 

6. 1 pack per customer