Daily Mental Health Checklist

Here you can Save/download/screenshot our daily Mental Health Checklist for your time in the Ontario Stay-At-Home order spring 2021. 
4 simple yet powerful daily actions to break a stagnant pattern of life in lockdown. 

Talk with a friend each day.

A quick check in with someone you trust.

Talk about anything.

Share something funny, or how you are feeling.

Text, voice, snap, facetime


Set one joyful goal each day

What do you love to do? Do that.

Your fav video game, music, book

do something you love that is within your means right now.


Say hello to the sun at least once a day.

Vitamin D from the sun is important in regulating mood

and it a proven spirit lifter.



Brush your teeth, have a shower. 

Fresh on the outside, refreshes the inside. 

This is your reminder to shower. 


Text Connect to 686868

if you are considering suicide or in need of hope support