About #HOPE

Hashtag Hope began as an internet outreach project on Twitter back in 2012. The heart was to reach out, in real time, to those who were thinking about suicide via Twitter. Since then, Hashtag Hope has grown into a hope awareness brand and outreach project.

In 2016, founder of Hashtag Hope, Nick Pegg, left his job working in a kitchen and set out on the road in pursuit of those who wish to die. He set out with very little money and a lot of heart to share the hope he had found through perseverance and faith. Coast to coast, with hundreds of events in the name of suicide prevention and hope.

In 2019, Mark Stromenberg, a local youth worker, speaker, and suicide intervention instructor, joined the team. Later that year, Hashtag Hope incorporated as a grassroots, not-for-profit organization, and received its registration as a Canadian charity on January 23, 2020. Our offices and home base are in Cambridge, Ontario.

While suicide prevention is important for all ages, we have had the most impact with young people, aged 13-30.

Today, with a growing team, Hashtag Hope is creatively pursuing a world without suicide through outreach and education.

We hope you'll join us!

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Speaking truth and life into darkness & death

Hashtag Hope exists to speak truth into the lives of those experiencing hopelessness and suicidal thoughts, to inspire perseverance towards the future, and to declare victory over the darkness.


Creatively pursuing a world without suicide

Hashtag Hope strives to see a world where there is no suicide, accomplished through intentional outreach & equipping, and where people discover the Source of abundant life.




Nicholas Pegg

Founder, Chief Outreach & Creative Director, Advocate

Mark Stromenberg

Executive Director, Advocate


Since 2013, Hashtag Hope has crossed the country, speaking, teaching, training, and advocating for better mental health and less suicide.

Talks & Trainings


Direct Speaking Audience


Weekly Online Reach


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2023 One Pager

Want to know more or share about us in an easy-to-consume manner? Our executive summary gives a quick overview of Hashtag Hope, our programs, and our key financials.

Click here to view or download the One Pager.

2022 Annual Report

Looking back on the previous year is always exciting for us, as we celebrate the impact and growth of Hashtag Hope. Our Annual Report also includes a broader glimpse into our financials through a Review Engagement by an LLP.

Click here to view or download the 2022 Annual Report.


Bob Irwin, CAM, BBA (Hons.) - Chair
Kristy Ewing, RP, MAC - Mental Health Lead

Erika Rauws-Paventi, RN, BSN - Vice Chair
Kristin Schut, BRE - Secretary


You work hard to earn your money, and we value every one of the many people who have given to Hashtag Hope over the years. That is why we are careful to make sure we steward your generosity well. This includes registration as a Canadian charity, partnerships with CanadaHelps and other donation platforms, and contracting out our bookkeeping and accounting needs to a qualified third party (Amplify Mission). As a newer charity with revenues under $250,000, full audited financial statements are not yet required of us, although a review engagement was completed for FY 2022. If you have any questions or concerns about our financial stewardship, please contact us.


Redleaf Foundation - 2023
River Dali Foundation - 2023
Walmart Community Engagement & Impact (Stores 1007, 1111, 3162, 3152) - 2023
Rotary Club of Waterloo - 2023
Troop Impact Fund - 2023
North Results Inc. - 2022
The Keg Spirit Foundation - 2022
Canada Summer Jobs - 2022
Walmart Community Engagement & Impact (Store 3152) - 2022
Faisal Suziwala Remax (Yusani Holdings) - 2021
Canadian National Christian Foundation - 2021