Nick Pegg

Nick once spent all of his money to live in his car, travel the country, and try to prevent young people from killing themselves. He made t-shirts to help fund his travels and wrote words to try and inspire hope. He will give you a free sticker if you want one, and wants you to know that life is undoubtedly worth living. Nick specializes in spoken word, motivational speaking, and youth, focusing on music venues & youth groups.

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Spoken Word & Festivals






Talks, Trainings & Appearances

Personal Lived Experience Story & Advocacy

Both Nick and Mark live with mental illness and have personal experiences with suicide. We seek to share hope in an honest yet helpful way, to reduce stigma, encourage perseverance, and normalize the need we all have for both personal and professional support when we face darkness. No matter the group or the time frame,  both our speakers can tailor a lived-experience talk about hope to your needs.

Spoken Word Set

Sometimes you're not looking for a talk or a workshop. A spoken word set is around five minutes, and serves as a great introduction or transition in your event. Nick is our spoken word artist and has toured with a number of bands and performed at a number of larger conferences. Spoken word is a great way to creatively and artistically talk about personal darkness in an engaging and disarming way.


As a communicator who's worked with youth conferences for many years, Nick knows how to hype your crowd and provide a warm stage personality with good humour and flexibility.

Pop-Up Booth & Store

Looking to have a mental health and suicide prevention presence at your event? We would love to set up a booth or table and be a hopeful presence at your event. Whether it's handing out resources and doing advocacy, or if you'd like a full merchandise pop-up store, we will work with you to find the most appropriate fit for your event.

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