Take a break, before you break.

Hey, everything is overwhelming these days.
This is your permission reminder that it’s ok to take a break from it all.
Delete social apps from your phone , or limit your usage down to one platform for a while. Maybe start a giant group chat with your close friends and only hangout in there.
There is so much pain in the world right now that’s worth knowing about but we must protect ourselves along the way.
Take a break before you break.
Someone said “they will talk about social media use the way we talk about smoking”
Let’s recognize the effect that life events have on us.
Let’s acknowledge the weight that the world has on our souls.
And let’s exhale out those burdens we feel.
Let’s love our neighbours but also love ourselves while loving our neighbours.
Book a counselling session if you haven’t in a while and debrief how you feel.
We don’t need to be heroes all of the time.
Let’s take a break and know that we have permission.
We see you in this chaos. And you are so loved through it all.